OK Secretary of Energy and Environment Says Oklahoma Must Use Mix of Energy Sources

According to an article in today’s Oklahoman, Oklahoma Secretary of Energy and Environment, Michael Teague supports the development of all of the state’s energy resources, including wind. As the article states, “Secretary Michael Teague said Oklahoma has reliable, affordable power, but it can improve its energy mix with more wind and natural gas.”

You can read the full article here.

Apex at the Kingfisher Premium Sale

It was our great pleasure to participate in the Kingfisher Premium Sale recently, and we were lucky enough to win some great animals. Congratulations to Jake Henrichs of Okarche for his Reserve Grand Champion Heifer, Keelyn Lukasek of Kingfisher for her Reserve Champion Hampshire Lamb, and Garrett States of Kingfisher for his Barrow Crossbred!

Keelyn LukasekJake Henrichs2Garrett StatesApex is proud to support the students of Okarche and Kingfisher, and their FFA and 4-H chapters, as they develop the skills they will need to sustain Oklahoma’s rural farm communities for years to come.

ARTICLE: Nine major, statistically reliable studies find that turbines have no impact on property values

We often hear people worry that wind farms may impact the value of their nearby property. It seems a reasonable concern, and we have seen stories on the internet that claim these impacts do exist. However, nearly every scientifically rigorous study that has been conducted to test this question has found that operating wind farms have no negative impact on property values.

This recent article in Clean Technica summarizes nine major, statistically reliable studies, documenting the conclusion that wind farms do not impact property values. It is a great summary of the issue, and it is worth a read for those who are interested in understanding the facts.

Oklahoma now ranked 7th in the nation for share of energy generation from wind!

US Wind map by state

Great news! American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) just released its 2013 wind statistics, and Oklahoma has jumped to number 7 in the nation for wind energy’s share of the state’s generation. A whopping 14.8% of Oklahoma’s energy is being produced by this clean and free fuel source. For a complete summary of this recent report, visit the AWEA website here.

FACT: Wind Energy IS Regulated in Oklahoma

A recent letter in the Piedmont Surrey-Gazette states that “there is nothing in the law… requiring Wind Company X to remove their equipment when the time comes.” This is not, in fact, the case. The State of Oklahoma passed a bill in 2010 called the Oklahoma Wind Energy Development Act (HB 2973). This statute outlines rules about decommissioning turbines, among other things. Continue reading

City of Piedmont, COPRA and Apex Clean Energy Sign Wind Energy Agreements

Piedmont, OK, December 9, 2013 – The City of Piedmont, Central Oklahoma Property Rights Association (COPRA), and Apex Clean Energy today announced the signing of two wind energy agreements, one between Apex and the City of Piedmont and one between Apex and COPRA. These agreements come after months of negotiations between the parties and the Agreement between Apex and the City of Piedmont defines a boundary governing where wind turbines may be placed in relation to the City of Piedmont. This boundary will replace the boundary established by Piedmont Ordinance 591, which, as a part of the agreement with the City, has been repealed by the Piedmont City Council.

“I appreciate the efforts of Apex in working with us to address the concerns of our citizens,” said Jim Crosby, City Manager of the City of Piedmont. Continue reading

VIDEO: Working with Apex – A local perspective

Apex works closely with local landowners, government officials, and community leaders to build projects that benefit nearby residents, schools, counties, and municipalities. This video captures the voices of some of the local individuals who worked with us during the development and construction of the Canadian Hills Wind project, completed in 2012. Listen to their stories here.

VIDEO: Believe in Oklahoma Wind Power

Believe in Oklahoma WindAdvancing Wind Oklahoma recently released a new video about wind energy in the state, featuring spokeswoman Kirsten McIntyre. As the video explains, “Oklahoma is an energy state. And, wind energy comes from our rich land just like oil, natural gas and other resources to create our diverse energy mix, which is contributing to Oklahoma’s renaissance.”

Watch the full video and learn more here.

NEWS: Southwest Power Pool sets new record for electricity produced from wind

According to a recent article in the Oklahoman, the Southwest Power Pool, the regional transmission organization that serves Oklahoma and eight other states, set a new record this month for electricity produced from wind. For several hours on October 8, SPP was producing 6,434 MW of wind energy, about 23% of the region’s generating fuels in use, including coal, natural gas, nuclear and hydropower. SPP broke its own record only two days later, when it produced 6,467 MW of wind energy. This means that for two days this month, regional electricity consumers were using about 89% of the wind capacity in the region.

Read the full article here.